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God does not look for the qualified, He qualifies the willing

My Experience

I am a servant of Jesus Christ. I am an author, Evangelist, Pastor, Grandpa, Father and Husband. I love healing and the miraculous.

Healing Ministry

I recieved my healing, and love to lay 

hands on the sick and see them recover.


God Can Use and Everyday Joe was my first book. 

I have to more that will come out soon


Always the right time to say yes to Jesus.

Currently working with Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc.

Online. And maybe soon at a group or Church near you.

My Work


Let's Work Together

If you would like to contact me please feel free to fill out the form below. I would love to come minister, speak or teach at your next service, home group, men's group etc. 
Currently the ministry is working on 3 new things this year -
Walk on Water - encouraging ministering speaking engagements
Camp Fire Ministry - Coming to minister at a campground near you
Lighthouse Outreach Church - informal church services and biblestudy to reach the lost and the forgotten
Christine E.
4d ago

He was very professional and done exactly what I asked. I would recommend him to anyone

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If you would like to sow a seed please click the link and God Bless You as you would do what the Holy Spirit Guides you to ----   https://paypal.me/LBF4HIM
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