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God does not look for the qualified, He qualifies the willing

My Experience

I am a servant of Jesus Christ. I am an author, Evangelist, Pastor, Grandpa, Father and Husband. I love healing and the miraculous.

Healing Ministry

I recieved my healing, and love to lay 

hands on the sick and see them recover.


God Can Use and Everyday Joe was my first book. 

I have to more that will come out soon


Always the right time to say yes to Jesus.

Currently working with Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc.

Online. And maybe soon at a group or Church near you.

My Work


Let's Work Together

If you would like to contact me please feel free to fill out the form below. I would love to come minister, speak or teach at your next service, home group, men's group etc. 
Currently the ministry is working on 3 new things this year -
Walk on Water - encouraging ministering speaking engagements
Camp Fire Ministry - Coming to minister at a campground near you
Lighthouse Outreach Church - informal church services and biblestudy to reach the lost and the forgotten
John P.
39d ago

Richard was excellent. Very friendly and professional. He helped us tailor the vows and gave us a script of the entire ceremony so that we could make any changes we wanted. Couldn't have been smoother. Thanks Richard

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